Earth Day 2009 – Earth Mosaic Photo Project

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Earth Mosaic Logo Would you like to be involved with a worldwide photo project for the Earth Day?

Earth Mosaic Project wants you to participate by sending them some images. All you have to do is that take photos within the 24 hour period of 22 April 2009 and upload it to

It really doesn’t matter if you’re hot-rod D3X or 1Ds Mk III pro-shooter, or a student with a 1.3MP cellphone camera. We all share this planet, and we’d like you all to share in this mosaic. And that leads us to what YOU can do now. The success of the project depends on getting hundreds of thousands of images. Each one represents your tiny block of our life on earth. Even though you can’t see your picture at first, you can see the result, and you know that you’re part of that. Everyone is. Everything we do, affects our planet.

Me? Of course I’ll be taking & uploading my photos!
So, join us!


Not All Alone

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Not All Alone

Title: Not All Alone

In the vast ocean, a little boat was sailing, accompanied by a single bird. It was like a poetry… 

Everlasting Rose

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Pink Rose

Title: Pink Rose

My husband bought me a pot of roses last year. They kept flowering  and flowering all through the spring, summer and autumn into early winter, and now some new buds started coming out again. Our neighbours were very impressed. 😉

Still Life 1

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Still Life 1 - Garlics
Title: Still Life 1 – Garlics

Camera bangle from an old lens

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camera-lens-cuff-braceletsThis is soooooo cool! I absolutely love it!! I came across this bangle just a few minutes ago on the web, and I couldn’t help sharing it with someone. It’s now on the top of my wish list. 🙂

These rather special looking camera bangles/lens bracelets are created by Craig Arnold. According to the website, these are “handmade from discarded camera components and reshaped with love.” I’m sure he has a deep passion for cameras as well!

If you are interested in seeing more, go and visit .

Oh, by the way, I’m not affiliated with the site, I just fell in love with the bangle!

Those were the days

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A couple days ago, I came across a forum thread talking about the first camera they had ever owned. Gosh, all sorts of memories came back to me! Triggered by the thread, I remembered about the cameras I used to have when I was little.

As a child of the 70s (woops, revealing my age…), my first camera was a 110 camera. It was something like the one on the left. Single shutter speed and single aperture, and it used a 110 film cartridge. It was super small and I absolutely loved it. Carrying around this tiny camera everywhere and taking pictures in secret, it made me feel like I was a spy or something. ;D There was a keychain attached to it, and I remember so clearly that I always had it hooked on my school bag. None of the toys were allowed in the school, but, well, I kind of reasoned myself that it was only a keychain and not a toy. 😉 Happily I took all sorts of rubbish pictures. (Ha, the camera might have changed but I still take a lot of rubbish pictures even now… lol)


Then I received a Hello Kitty camera for my 10th birthday (or 11?) from my mum. Just like the one on the right. It was sooooo special to me. I was a Hello Kitty mania then. It also used a 110 film. I proudly used this special camera for years to come. I kept this camera for a long time even after I moved onto a more sophisticated point-and-shoot type camera. I wonder where it is now… I’m pretty sure that it’s still in the box somewhere in Japan.

Ah, those were the days…


Rainbow Hill

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Rainbow HillTitle : Rainbow Hill
Location : Rótova, Spain

A storm can bring us real havoc but also some unexpected joy. While we were driving back home from town, suddenly the heavy storm clouds broke apart and sunlight streamed through over the orange groves. And there came the rainbow! Quickly I took my camera out of the bag, and shot some pictures from the running car.