Earth Day 2009 – Earth Mosaic Photo Project

Earth Mosaic Logo Would you like to be involved with a worldwide photo project for the Earth Day?

Earth Mosaic Project wants you to participate by sending them some images. All you have to do is that take photos within the 24 hour period of 22 April 2009 and upload it to

It really doesn’t matter if you’re hot-rod D3X or 1Ds Mk III pro-shooter, or a student with a 1.3MP cellphone camera. We all share this planet, and we’d like you all to share in this mosaic. And that leads us to what YOU can do now. The success of the project depends on getting hundreds of thousands of images. Each one represents your tiny block of our life on earth. Even though you can’t see your picture at first, you can see the result, and you know that you’re part of that. Everyone is. Everything we do, affects our planet.

Me? Of course I’ll be taking & uploading my photos!
So, join us!


~ by thinkingmagpie on April 21, 2009.

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