A couple days ago, I came across a forum thread talking about the first camera they had ever owned. Gosh, all sorts of memories came back to me! Triggered by the thread, I remembered about the cameras I used to have when I was little.

As a child of the 70s (woops, revealing my age…), my first camera was a 110 camera. It was something like the one on the left. Single shutter speed and single aperture, and it used a 110 film cartridge. It was super small and I absolutely loved it. Carrying around this tiny camera everywhere and taking pictures in secret, it made me feel like I was a spy or something. ;D There was a keychain attached to it, and I remember so clearly that I always had it hooked on my school bag. None of the toys were allowed in the school, but, well, I kind of reasoned myself that it was only a keychain and not a toy. 😉 Happily I took all sorts of rubbish pictures. (Ha, the camera might have changed but I still take a lot of rubbish pictures even now… lol)


Then I received a Hello Kitty camera for my 10th birthday (or 11?) from my mum. Just like the one on the right. It was sooooo special to me. I was a Hello Kitty mania then. It also used a 110 film. I proudly used this special camera for years to come. I kept this camera for a long time even after I moved onto a more sophisticated point-and-shoot type camera. I wonder where it is now… I’m pretty sure that it’s still in the box somewhere in Japan.

Ah, those were the days…



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